Independent Evaluation

Image: Montakan Tanchaisawat, USAID

Learning, adaptive management and robust monitoring and evaluation are priorites for the Department of Health and Social Care and will be at the core of the Fleming Fund.

The Fleming Fund includes an embedded independent evaluation to explore the impact and effectiveness of the Fleming Fund Grants Programme (Country Grants, Regional Grants, Fleming Fellowship Scheme Grants) as well as supporting continued learning and improvement.

The Fleming Fund evaluation has begun work and will provide annual recommendations to support continued learning and allow the programme to be adapted where needed to work most effectively towards impact.


Evaluation questions


  • What has been the increase in the quantity and/or quality of data on AMR at country level and to what extent has the Fleming Fund contributed to this increase?


  • To what extent have the Fleming Fund's investments been aligned and coherent with other relevant investments at country level?


  • How likely are the Fleming Fund's country level results to be sustained?


  • Has, or is it likely that, the increase in AMR data influenced: (a) changes in national policies/regulations?; and/or (b) changes in practice and attitudes in country?


  • What has been the increase in quality data shared and reported internationally and has the Fleming Fund contributed to this?


  • Did the Fleming Fund's investments at country level offer value for money?


The Fleming Fund evaluation is delivered by Itad