Regional Grants

Image: Montakan Tanchaisawat, USAID

The Fleming Fund will support improvements to the availability, quality, sharing and use of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) data across the regional focus of West Africa, East and Southern Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia through the Fleming Fund Regional Grants programme.

Regional Grants can be used to fund improvements to:

  • Regional quality assurance networks
  • Data and information sharing platforms
  • Initiatives to improve the quality and use of surveillance data
  • Regional training efforts, for example, in use and interpretation of genome data for AMR, or other areas which are not core subjects for the country level, but would suit a regional approach
  • To provide improved regional capacity to undertake advanced testing of pathogens, for example, whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis


Eligible grantees

The Fleming Fund will launch an open request for proposals for each round of Regional Grants. Eligible grantees will be qualified organisations or consortia able to respond to the request for proposals.


First round of Regional Grants

A first round of the Regional Grants will fund a push for retrospective data from facilities in low and middle income countries. In almost all countries, there are institutions that have been collecting data on AMR, sometimes for decades.

At the moment, this is hard-copy data and is simply inaccessible for use in large-scale analytics. Regional Grant funding will focus on collecting and digitising information from these institutions, so that analysis can be conducted to assess baseline data, identify trends and report patterns in resistance.

The request for proposals for Regional Grants round one has now closed and applications are being reviewed.


Subsequent rounds of Regional Grants

The themes for subsequent rounds of Regional Grants will be determined as the programme evolves but are likely to include request for proposals to improve quality assurance networks, training and regional capacity building.


The Fleming Fund Regional Grants programme are delivered by Mott MacDonald